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News Search Launched

1 March 2012

Mojeek is pleased to announce its "News Search" service is now available.

There are three main ways to interact with the Mojeek news service, they are:

News Page

Going directly to the news page displays the current headlines as the main content and to the right selected news from other categories. From this page you can also select more specific categories including World, Regional, Business, Science & Technology, Entertainment & Arts, Sports, and Health. These sources, categories, and further country specific news will be continuously updated and expanded in the future.

Web Results Including News

When performing a normal web search, Mojeek will display relevant news stories along side your search results in the right hand column. Under these news stories will be the option to view more, which will take you to the "News Search Results" for your query.

News Search Results

When searching the news directly, the result pages are much like the normal web search results except in reverse, ie. now the web results are in the right hand column and the news as the main content. Also in the right column will be the option to go to the standard "News Page".

For more information please contact us.