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Privacy Policy

Mojeek follows a strict no tracking privacy policy, and it's quite simple, we don't track our users. In fact, Mojeek was the first ever no tracking/privacy orientated search engine, as can be seen on archive.org and our original privacy policy from when Mojeek was just a side project.

Cookie Policy

By default and unless specifically agreed to, Mojeek doesn't place any cookies on your computer. If, for example when setting personal preferences, Mojeek does require to place a cookie your agreement will be requested. Also at any time, visiting this page will list what cookies Mojeek has on your computer, their contents, and an explanation of their values. From that page you can also instruct Mojeek to delete any cookie we have placed.

Tracking and Logging Policy

Mojeek doesn't implement any kind of specific user tracking, whether that be at the time of visit or subsequently via standard logs, which Mojeek does keep. These logs contain the time of visit, page requested, possibly referral data, and browser information. IP addresses are not recorded (except in rare circumstances[1]), instead the IP address is replaced with a simple two letter code only indicating the visitors country of origin. By doing this, Mojeek removes any possibility of tracking or identifying any particular user.

[1] Mojeek does make one exception to this rule, if a search query is deemed related to illegal and unethical practices relating to minors, then the full log including visiting IP address will be kept and gladly handed over to any official authorities that ask. If you're at all concerned about this exception then Mojeek is not the search engine for you.

Data Usage

The remaining log data (country, time/date, page requested, referral data, and browser), which although now contains no identifiable data, would still in no situation whatsoever be sold or distributed to any 3rd party vendors. This data is kept private for the sole purpose of storing historical traffic volumes and country demographics of our visitors.

If you have any further questions please contact us, we'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.