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HTTP Request Parameters

Below are the available parameters for querying the Mojeek Search API.

q=[search query] URL encoded string containing the search query.
qm=[excluded words] URL encoded string containing excluded words, ie. discard documents that contain them.
s=[n] Start results from this number ie. 1 = first result, 11 = first result of second page (if displaying 10 results per page).
t=[n] Maximum number of results to return, ie. results per page.
site=[site] String containg site to limit search to, ie. mojeek.com.
reg=[uk|de|fr|eu] Restrict search to pages from the UK, Germany, France or the EU only.
si=[n] Maximum number of results to return per site, per complete query result set.
date=[0|1] Include the date when we last crawled the page.
size=[0|1] Include the document's size.
api_key=[api_key] Your unique api_key to retrieve results in xml format.

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