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Add Mojeek to Opera

To add Mojeek to your Opera browser on your Desktop you have two options:

  1. Download and install the official Mojeek Opera Extension

  2. Add Mojeek manually

Mojeek Opera Extension

  1. Download Mojeek Opera Extension (opens in new tab) from the Opera add-ons library.
  2. Click on the 'Add to Opera' button.

  3. Your browser will now have a mojeek 'm' next to the url bar. You can click on it to go to the mojeek homepage or perform searches directly from your url bar by typing 'm' and then your search term:

Manual Install

  1. Right-click inside the URL bar and select 'Edit Search Engines...':

  2. Click on the 'Add' button:

  3. Enter the following settings, and then hit the 'Save' button:

    • Search Engine: Mojeek UK
    • Keyword: m
    • URL:
  4. Opera does not currently support setting an alternative Search Engine as your default Search Engine, but you can use it by typing the keyword (or character) that you defined in step 4 followed by your search. For example, 'm Mojeek' will search for the word 'Mojeek' on if you used 'm' as your 'keyword':